Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Fonterra Video Library?
Visit If you have a ‘’ email address you can create an account at anytime by clicking ‘Register’.
How do I access the Fonterra Video Library if I don’t have a Fonterra email address?
Fonterra vendors and contractors can request an account by emailing the Help Desk.
Who can access the Fonterra Video Library?
Videos in the Fonterra Media Library are only for Fonterra employees to access. Staff are able to access the library by registering with their Fonterra email, whilst a few contractors who work with Fonterra are also able to access the library for internal purposes.
I’ve forgotten my password.
You can reset your password by clicking ‘Lost Password’ on the login screen at If you don’t have an account, you can create one by clicking ‘Register’.
Why isn’t my password working?
If you’re a Fonterra Employee, for security reasons your account needs to be logged into every three months. Your account may have expired. Please visit the Help Desk and send a detailed email. Alternatively, try resetting your password by clicking on the retrieve password button on the login screen.

If you’re a Fonterra Guest, your account will automatically expire after one month. Please use the Help Desk to contact us for a renewal.
Who can I share these videos with?
Videos in the Fonterra Media Library are for Fonterra employees to share internally and, when appropriate, publicly. All videos have a security level assigned to indicate whether they for public or internal only. Most videos available for public use can also be found on Fonterra’s YouTube page It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that any video proposed for public use is appropriate for the purpose intended.
Why won’t the video play?
There could be several reasons.

Browser based playback requires the Adobe Flash Player; please ensure you have the latest version by downloading from or contact the Help Desk.

The library has been designed to work with the latest web browsers, especially Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9 and above, please test using one of these browsers. If you are still having problems, please contact the Help Desk and register your issue. Remember to be descriptive because that will help us sort it out quickly.
I have a new video, how do I upload it?
If you would like to upload a video, please fill out a request form by clicking on the ‘upload’ button on the tool bar above.
What is the correct format for using a video in PPT?
If you’re doing an internal presentation or going to be somewhere with a good internet connection it’s always best to stream the video you want. You can do this by using the embed code found on the video details page.

If you will be playing the video offsite please request to download the video so you can insert it into your presentation. Make sure you do this a few days before your presentation.
Should I download or stream videos? What is the difference and what is best?
The difference between streaming and downloading is simple. Streaming means you're playing the video online - just like YouTube. Downloading means you are making a copy of the video and storing it on your computer for offline use.

It's best to stream videos when you can, even for presentations. If you feel that you really need to download a video to your computer, you can click the 'request download' button on the view page of the video you wish to download. This will be sent to the Fonterra Video Library team and you will be notified when your video is ready for downloading.
I’m concerned about the privacy setting of one of the videos. Who do I speak to?
If you have any concerns about privacy level of a video, please email the Help Desk.
A video has the wrong name/tags/description. Who do I speak to?
If you have any comments or concerns about the title, subtitle or tags of a video please email Help Desk. Someone will be in touch within four working days.
I’ve submitted a question via the ‘Help Desk’, but I haven’t heard back.
We will answer your questions within four working days. If you haven’t heard back within this timeframe or if it is an urgent issue, please ensure you’ve submitted a Help Desk ticket and call Fonterra IS on 0800 15 45 75.